Real perspective and insight.

As far as my application of mathematical principles go, I know that 40 is more than 35 (35% – 9713 of offenders against children were their mothers) which means that the MAIN OFFENDERS of child abuse are relatives or people known to the child victims (and strangers, 24.1% which totals 64.6%) unlike what the author purports his narrative to be. Maybe I need a chart illustration

Men are from Mars: Man Logic

This offering today was inspired by a funny but serious Facebook post made by a beloved online friend of mine. I’ve always admired her as she has quite a way with words, satire, and sarcasm, after all she is a comedienne! Her wit is so sharp it can cut deep at times. We have neverContinue reading “Men are from Mars: Man Logic”

The Death of a Deadbeat Father

For entirety of my childhood I didn’t know my father; not his name, not what he looked like, not his love. I found out his name when I was writing my secondary school entrance exam (back then it was called (Common Entrance). For the most part my father was dead to me in some type of way simply because I didn’t know anything about him as a child.

What’s It Going To Take?

The fact of the matter is that many men believe that if they have ended the relationship with the mother the relationship (especially the financial relationship) with the child ends for some reason. Many believe that the financial responsibility is severed and does not provide same for the children he once cared for. I fail to see the logic in such thinking but I digress.

Dating and the single mom

Most single mothers’ lives revolve around three things: her job, her home and her children. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accommodate someone else especially if she has more than one child and little to no support. Remember most single mothers don’t have the luxury of having someone else assist so these activities listed are usually undertaken solely by her.

How to respond to the choice of absence Pt 2.

When things seem to normalize sometime later because you’ve grown accustomed to the separation you think that you will be open to co-parent because (for me) the child was the only important thing.

How to respond to the choice of absence Pt 1

These are the seven things that I have identified as being the key emotions that I think need to be assessed whenever we face being a single mother or are thinking about taking that step.

Step children Pt 1

Daddy comes over to mummy’s home where the children reside. Daddy is there for his first weekend visit since court. Oldest child is excited to see his/her daddy and run out to greet him on the porch. He/she attempts to jump into their arms but daddy is no longer daddy and no longer responsible for him/her. He gives a halfway hug but the child does not understand this. Mummy comes out with the child’s siblings to hand over to daddy for his weekend visit. He says his goodbyes to the child and leaves with his children in tow…

Step children Pt 2

Many are misinformed as to the laws of the land and feel that it is unjust and unfair for a man to shoulder the financial burden of a child that does not carry his DNA but I say to them that DNA alone does not make one family. The real injustice to such a child is allowing a man that has been there for him/her for all of his/her life to renege on his commitment to them simply because the relationship with the mother was terminated.

Letting Them Go

January 17th, 2019 By: Rachel O.S. Edmund Today I digress from what I was actually supposed to write about because being a mother does not stop for you to take a break or get yourself together. It doesn’t wait on you to be perfect. That being said I want to share a little about myContinue reading “Letting Them Go”