Preparing the Family for an Emergency

“Even if you’re scared, be prepared!” I’m not sure what year that Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) campaign ran, but I remember hearing it over and over again on the television and radio while I was a school-aged girl. It certainly was effective because every year since, the mention of the hurricane seasonContinue reading “Preparing the Family for an Emergency”

Debunking Stepmother Myths

With mothers historically being seen across many cultures as the source of familial warmth, it is probably not that surprising that a negative stereotype has emerged about the next woman who steps in after “the real mother” has left the family. Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of this transition on a first-timeContinue reading “Debunking Stepmother Myths”

“He Doesn’t Love My Kids!”

Red flags to look out for when dating as a single mother *Please note that the characters in this article are fictional, and are used solely to illustrate the points discussed. Diane drums her fingers on the back of her phone lying screen down on the couch. Her co-worker, Shan, had just messaged Diane aboutContinue reading ““He Doesn’t Love My Kids!””