Raising Boys; Then and Now:-

“In the heart of a boy there’s a lion and given a chance he roars effortlessly“ J.W Njoroge- Founder, LeadGlobal Impact (*This is the first of a series of articles that will address the subject: Raising Boys. ) In Kenya, a beautiful country in East Africa, society places a high premium on the boy child.Continue reading “Raising Boys; Then and Now:-“

Navigating the Pandemic Holidays as A Single Mother:

Single mothers often struggle with loneliness. Holidays and special occasions amplify the feeling of loneliness. Holidays are synonymous with family time. That is why at such times, single mothers feel their aloneness more. At such times, it is easy to forget why you live alone. You may even indulge in what-ifs about a broken relationship.Continue reading “Navigating the Pandemic Holidays as A Single Mother:”