The Impact of Breakups on Children

Breakups are hard on everyone, and whether the love died or a toxic relationship made you take the brave step to leave, there is usually trauma, heartache, and a profound sense of loss. For children who may not have understood the dynamic at play between their parents, divorce is disruptive and often confusing. A HealthlineContinue reading “The Impact of Breakups on Children”

Four Tips for When Parenting Gets Tough

No one tells you this, but parenthood, when done right, is no walk in the park. The position is permanent, full time, unpaid, and gives no vacation or sick days; it requires a multifaceted skill set including care-taking, cooking, cleaning, educating, mentoring, protecting, entertaining, nurturing, disciplining, and overseeing the emotional and physical development of otherContinue reading “Four Tips for When Parenting Gets Tough”

4 Tips for Dating as a Single Mother

Your relationship ended, you have healed, rebalanced your life, and settled into parenting solo. While you may be ready emotionally and psychologically to move on, the rules of the game have changed—you now have your children to consider. The dating scene is complicated, and meeting people is all the more difficult in a Covid-19 world.Continue reading “4 Tips for Dating as a Single Mother”

10 Things a Single Mother Should Know

The journey will be tough, but it will be worth it. It has always boggled my mind how easily people can become parents. We need approval and are regulated for virtually every other aspect of our lives, yet bringing a child into this world requires no screening, schooling, certification, testing, or regulation. Even when weContinue reading “10 Things a Single Mother Should Know”