Single Moms Speak is a platform created for the single mothers who tirelessly go about their daily routines managing their homes without complaint with limited financial or emotional support who don’t feel that their voices can be heard or feel that they have no avenue or outlet where they can be heard.

This blog allows single moms to discuss issues, exchange ideas and to network with other moms so that the quality of life that they give to their children can be greatly improved. Parenting tips and tricks, DIYs, upcoming events and a host of other topics can be accessed through this blog.

Global Network For The Advancement Of Single MothersGNASM
We will create opportunities for single mothers in Trinidad and Tobago and across the globe by leveraging the talents, skills and finances of the members of the organization as well as our partners in service to become entrepreneurs and women who can stand alone successfully in business or whatever field is chosen. We will create the same opportunities for the children of single mothers who would without us otherwise have a hard time developmentally and in terms of access to services.

There is so much that we envision for our country but we know that we can do it. The only constant in life is change. Are you ready?

To visit our website click here: www.globalnetworkofsinglemothers.org

To visit our Facebook group click here: https://web.facebook.com/groups/singlemotherstt/

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