Four Tips for When Parenting Gets Tough

No one tells you this, but parenthood, when done right, is no walk in the park. The position is permanent, full time, unpaid, and gives no vacation or sick days; it requires a multifaceted skill set including care-taking, cooking, cleaning, educating, mentoring, protecting, entertaining, nurturing, disciplining, and overseeing the emotional and physical development of otherContinue reading “Four Tips for When Parenting Gets Tough”

Raising Boys; Then and Now:-

“In the heart of a boy there’s a lion and given a chance he roars effortlessly“ J.W Njoroge- Founder, LeadGlobal Impact (*This is the first of a series of articles that will address the subject: Raising Boys. ) In Kenya, a beautiful country in East Africa, society places a high premium on the boy child.Continue reading “Raising Boys; Then and Now:-“

Real perspective and insight.

As far as my application of mathematical principles go, I know that 40 is more than 35 (35% – 9713 of offenders against children were their mothers) which means that the MAIN OFFENDERS of child abuse are relatives or people known to the child victims (and strangers, 24.1% which totals 64.6%) unlike what the author purports his narrative to be. Maybe I need a chart illustration