“He Doesn’t Love My Kids!”

Red flags to look out for when dating as a single mother *Please note that the characters in this article are fictional, and are used solely to illustrate the points discussed. Diane drums her fingers on the back of her phone lying screen down on the couch. Her co-worker, Shan, had just messaged Diane aboutContinue reading ““He Doesn’t Love My Kids!””

Men are from Mars: Man Logic

This offering today was inspired by a funny but serious Facebook post made by a beloved online friend of mine. I’ve always admired her as she has quite a way with words, satire, and sarcasm, after all she is a comedienne! Her wit is so sharp it can cut deep at times. We have neverContinue reading “Men are from Mars: Man Logic”

An Interview with Teenaged Mum

The synopsis for the reality show, Teen Mom, is that a camera crew records the highs and lows of young motherhood. The show has been heavily criticized throughout its tenure as one could argue that it does not effectively reflect the actuality of what teenage mothers experience on a daily basis. After all, not everyContinue reading “An Interview with Teenaged Mum”

10 Things a Single Mother Should Know

The journey will be tough, but it will be worth it. It has always boggled my mind how easily people can become parents. We need approval and are regulated for virtually every other aspect of our lives, yet bringing a child into this world requires no screening, schooling, certification, testing, or regulation. Even when weContinue reading “10 Things a Single Mother Should Know”