The things we give up as single mothers

Over the years I have considered many things in terms of where and who I wanted to be in my life but there were many obstacles that stood in the way of that. In retrospect, I am not sure that I would make the same decisions relative to the things that I gave up if given a choice because I am so much wiser.

What’s It Going To Take?

The fact of the matter is that many men believe that if they have ended the relationship with the mother the relationship (especially the financial relationship) with the child ends for some reason. Many believe that the financial responsibility is severed and does not provide same for the children he once cared for. I fail to see the logic in such thinking but I digress.

Dating and the single mom

Most single mothers’ lives revolve around three things: her job, her home and her children. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accommodate someone else especially if she has more than one child and little to no support. Remember most single mothers don’t have the luxury of having someone else assist so these activities listed are usually undertaken solely by her.