To single moms on Mother’s Day Pt 2

By Ralna Albertie

This is part 2 of my post. I hope that you will be able to recognize some of the little things that you can do to treat yourself today; your special day!

  1. If you can, have someone safely look after your children and have the day to yourself. You can go out or sleep in. Or you can, join with other single mothers for a meet up.
  2. Give yourself an at home spa treatment like a face mask or scrub which you can make from ingredients from your kitchen. Oats, avocado, coffee, paw paw, egg whites, saffron, rice water, aloes, baking soda, honey and sugar all make great face treatments. If you have sensitive skin, please do a spot test first. Also you can have your child(ren) apply it to your face.
  3. Similar to the second suggestion, do your nails at home. This can be as basic or as indulgent as you want it to be. There are many videos now that show how to achieve a nail salon look at home. If this is your cup of tea go for it.
  4. Make a special treat just for you. This can be anything from making buttered popcorn, pancakes, a smoothie, your favourite punch, a microwave mug cake, Cupcakes or homemade fries. The point is to work with whatever it is your budget allows.
  5. Buy yourself some ice cream, chocolate, a slice of cheesecake, kfc, pizza or dozen shrimp wantons.
  6. Watch a movie or have a movie marathon. Or catch up on your favorite television series or binge on you tube. The day will go by faster.
  7. Try a new hairstyle. Play with that curling iron or straightener you never get a chance to use. Or treat your hair to a hot oil treatment or hair mask.
  8. Prepare your favourite lunch. Not the children’s favourite lunch. Your favourite lunch.
  9. Dress up at home. Or have a fashion show. Create new outfits out of your existing clothes.
  10. Try a new makeup technique. Time to practice your smoky eye or tri colour eyeshadow look. Sharpen your cat eye game.
  11. Go for a walk. Enjoy nature.
  12. Light a candle, read a book. Yes that scented candle you got 3 years ago that is still in the box or in your underwear drawer because you are saving it. Light it and enjoy. Make sure the kids can’t reach it.
  13. Use the bath products that you also got 3 years ago. Have a luxurious bath. Use the shower gel, body scrub and moisturiser.
  14. Take the focus off yourself and help another single mom who is more in need than yourself. Nothing feels better than helping someone else. Make a dish or a dessert and share it.

The point is, ladies to manage your expectations and to take charge of your own happiness no matter the circumstances. A little bit of self care will keep your mind occupied.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the single moms out there. The independent single moms doing it all on their own. The single moms who have lots of support and those in between. And please don’t forget to wish another single mom Happy Mother’s Day.

© 2019 TTSMART All Rights Reserved

Published by Global Network for the Advancement of Single Mothers

formerly Trinidad and Tobago Single Mothers For Restoration and Transformation

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