​Stay at Home Single Mom (SAHSM)

Some single mothers are not luxurious enough to actually go out there and face the work force. Some have chosen child instead of comfort and luxury. We should be saying kudos to them. Not judging them because of a choice, but praising their choice in child first. 

Dont, for one day, think it’s easy. ‘Its not an easy road’, sung in my Buju Banton voice. It was probably a hard road to take, yet it was taken. Not with a selfish thought, but with thoughts of one’s child.

This choice, some will say was easy and is easy. It’s quite the opposite. In one’s eyes you may see lounging by a pool, sleeping in late, clothes well folded. Alas, the reality would make anyone choose working, for an I’ll tempered employee. Which, in essence, your child/children are. They are demanding without you even knowing.

Getting up early isn’t a privilege. Even if you are at home, you still get up earlier than the children. Just to get your mind and coffee in gear. (For those who consume coffee, for those who don’t there is tea, hot chocolate, or my favourite wine). Lol. 

Then it’s ‘wake up time’. This may take minutes, which seem like hours, after all you have a specific time to leave the house to drop them at their respective points. This could take you up to 8:45am, being your last drop. Homeward bound now. No time to check the mall for specials. The grocery awaits your presence as lunch/ dinner is in your mind. Your thoughts goes to healthy until your pocket harshly reminds you that the faster it cooks, the cheaper it us, the more you have for another day. 

You are home now, taking some ‘me time’, having your full breakfast. Sadly the time you should really being doing this has gone, your diet is skewed, hopes to bring it in alignment gives you an appetite to consume an extra slice of bread. Immediately you take snacks from your diet daily bucket-list schedule, with extra bread slice consumed. 

Lunchtime is here. Diet is still wrong. Lunch prep took more time than it should and you must leave the house at 1pm to start your collection of the children from earlier. Everyone is safe in the car, even your neighbour’s child, and they all fall asleep while you struggle with tiredness and traffic back to your humble abode. 

You continue dinner prep now, as lunch failed beautifully. Alas, it is placed on a low burner because attention is needed by homework. It’s actually you learning new methods of addition or subtraction. To which you give your undivided attention. Then, your teen ask a question that takes you to Google in a blink. Dinner is finished and consumed. Children needs to be supervised as they must be in bed a specific time. You remembered as it was mentioned in a PTA meeting, it was very imperative that they get enough sleep time and you couldn’t risk another sleep deprived child in class. Sleeping on a teacher. With the pprincipal calling to find out if things are ‘ok’ at home.

The dishes haven’t been touched and you are the only one who can reach the sink. It’s dishes time. Bedtime now, or bedroom time as the clothes have been transferred to your bed, hoping that ‘closer to bed means closer to being folded’ and packed away. A glass of wine is sitting on your nightstand. ‘A glass a day, keeps the doctor away’. Or was it another saying? No matter, you sip and fold, enjoying the sleepiness that crawls onto your eyelids. You are asleep now, clothes draped over you and an empty glass beside you.

The alarm goes off and a new day has dawn. Time to do it all over again. Alone. No help. Awaiting the maintenance cheque from someone who probably got there full 10hrs of sleep. It’s fun, the life of a SAHSM.

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