Timing is Everything!!

Getting a baby sitter is very easy for me, as a single mother. Someone is always available to help me with my children. When I have an important meeting to attend, i just have to whisper the importance and any family or friend is ready to ‘take the children off my hands’. No drama. No stress.

If I make plans to go out and the event gets cancelled, and I do not use the time slot negotiated with the sitter, I can easily do a ‘roll over minutes’. Its like having extra time with Digicel or Bmobile. Normal. The person would just tell me that the time is available for any other circustances that may arise. How clever, right? All I do is schedule the same time that shouldve been alotted before the cancelled date. I mean, the babysitter had nothing better to do than to make sure the children eat, maybe do home work, take a bath and slept on time. That is nothing. They dont have to do any rescheduling of their own, or better yet they are ‘helping me out’. No money has to be exhanged for the service. Its done because of care and love, and understanding.

Honestly, as a single mother I can just take time whenever I want. The world and exploring, is at my finger tips. Its a breeze to find a sitter. A breeze to find a daycare, or a nightcare. I can go to a job interview that calls me the day before, with  no hassle. I do not have to schedule time with anyone. Someone is always available. Ready to help. Waiting on me to make a decision for them to just ‘step in’. 

I once carried my children to a job interview with me. They didnt go into the room, but they were in the waiting area. It was fun. I was focused and answered questions fluently. The panel was excited that my children were waiting on me. Showed my dedication and comittment to getting the job done.

I am sure every single mother doesnt have a problem with this? i am sure you have 100% support from those around. I am sure you can ask anyone in your immediate circle to help when it is imperative. Singlemothers are just making excuses when they say that its better to get the information days in advance, rather than hours.

Don’t you agree?

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Published by Global Network for the Advancement of Single Mothers

formerly Trinidad and Tobago Single Mothers For Restoration and Transformation

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