‘Real Talk’

January 23, 2019

By: Angel Haart

How many of us made a conscious decision to be a single parent? Welcome to ‘The real side’.

I go up one morning and thought to myself that I would like to have a child. I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with another parent so all I was looking for was someone who was willing to give themselves and give up their parental rights. Basically a victim who wouldn’t give one coin to be a part of a wonderful journey.

I got up one day and decided that I won’t mind raising a child alone; without any help. Just me, getting up everyday to face whatever new situation that may arise. Just me, financially supporting us. Just me, dealing with school meetings, cuts and bruises, flu and yearly shots.

I got up one day and I figured I can be a single parent without any help. Without another person making any input. After all, I am secure in myself. I’m a confident, beautiful, successful woman. What do I need another person to decide about schools, where parties should/shouldn’t be? Why do I need another voice of reason?

I got up and thought it best to be alone in this parenting journey. I made a decision based on my care and my reality. Did it ever occur to me what my child would need? Did it ever occur to the father what his child needs?

Disclaimer: the views discussed are not necessarily my own but just another take on the single mother life and decisions.

© 2019 TTSMART All Rights Reserved

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